Thursday, June 01, 2017

Chalk replaces red sandstone

Looking ahead

Down then up!

View back past Sidmouth

Day 12, Thu June 1st, Sidmouth to Beer

Yettanother sunny day. Only a few drops have fallen on us so far. What's happening to England's climate???

Several BIG ups and downs today, beautiful coastline, rocks changing from red (Triassic sandstone) to white (Jurassic chalk) just before we got to Beer. We hung out on a stony (but pleasant) beach for an hour around midday, looked at a few old buildings in Branston village around 1PM, had a light lunch, then walked the last half hour or so to Beer. Easy peasy.

A couple of nice photos follow. And in the meantime I'm going to try to collate the input from 15 people for dinners next week in Christchurch. Groan. Or maybe I'll punt and just play games :-).

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Day 11, Wed May 31, Otterton to Sidmouth

After making it through the nettle gauntlet, we spent a very enjoyable three hours in Bicton Gardens, a three hundred-year old 60+ acre property with many huge trees and rhododendrons. I posted a couple of pictures of this yesterday, but didn't have time to blog. It's a busy and harried trip leader that I am!

The hike was pleasant -- mostly flat along high red cliffs, with a couple of big ups and downs at the end of the day. Like most of the hikes so far, we have been coming in under the planned time... a combination of being a fit set of hikers, and generous times specified in the book I used for planning the trip.

Nice little hotel in Sidmouth (Dukes), and a great dinner in The Salty Monk!

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