Tuesday, April 24, 2007

H2H Training Hike -- Notkarspitze April 2007

I need an anchor; that is my conclusion from the H2H training hike I did yesterday.

The Notkarspitze, overlooking beautiful Kloster Ettal (a Benedictine monastery), is at 1889m low enough so that in this preternaturally warm and dry spring it is already free of snow. The hike begins at 800m and has enough ups and downs along the way to bring the climbing total to about 1200m, with the roundtrip distance (as measured on the map... typically an understatement of the true distance walked up zigzag paths) being 10.5km.

According to the DAV guidelines this should have taken around 7h40m to hike (for an explanation, see here). According to the signposts on the trail, it should have taken around 5h30m. I did it with a full (12kg) pack in 4h20m.... I didn't realize that I was going too fast until I got back home and did the calculations... at which point I understood why I had felt so tired on and after the hike! That's why I need an anchor... to slow me down.

In case you are a prospective H2H hiker reading this, there's one thing to worry about and one thing not to worry about. Don't worry about needing to hike this fast when you come with us... I don't want to hike this fast either! On the other hand, you probably should ask yourself if you are sure that you are in shape to do hikes at least this difficult on a daily basis... and if the answer is that you aren't sure, then this is definitely something to worry about.

I've posted a few photos from the hike here. My favorite is the Bergdole.

My legs feel pretty good today, so it seems as if my training program is working: I expect to be in good shape when the H2H starts. How I'll feel at the end is, of course, another question!