Friday, July 26, 2013

Some follow up photos from Gabi

Including some of yours truly.  As you can see, I haven't quite managed to lose my tum, despite many days hiking this year!

To being with, a bovine poseur:

Echoes of Escher:

Fresh and early:

But some are earlier!

Somewhat later, and somewhat less fresh:

A well-earned rest:

Bye-bye boots:

As always, click on the pictures for higher resolution (and click again for the max... particularly of the vertical format photos).

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Appenzell Hike -- photos days 5-8

Here are some of the other photos from the trip.  Due to interface limitations I wasn't able to integrate them into the blog posts for the respective days.

Gabi arrives...

...and climbs a long way on her first day, from Berggasthof Forelle on the Seealpsee, via Meglisalp and the Rotsteinpass refuge, to Säntis.  Here we are looking back down to Meglisalp and beyond it Seealpsee:

And here is the Rotsteinpass refuge where we had lunch and then later stayed overnight:

After lunch we went along the Lieslgrat to the Säntis peak:

At times it was fairly rugged going:

Here's Gabi again:

The following day started off with more climbing... up to a saddle next to the Altmann peak.  If you click on the picture below and then zoom in and look very carefully just up and to the right of the middle of the picture, you can see people... which will give you a sense of the scale:

Afterwards we had to go down here:

Which from below looked like this:

And then came a beautiful walk down valley to the Fählensee and Berggasthof Bollenwees, where we spent the night.

 Here's a view along the Fählensee to Bollenwees:

After lunch we climbed up to a ridge overlooking the Rhine valley and Liechtenstein.  Here's a view back along the ridge:

And now looking down to the Fählensee.  The mountain with the narrow vertical snowfield to its right is the Altmann, that we came down from in the morning:

And here's the Fählensee the following morning.  Very photogenic...:

Then we hiked up through more lovely landscape to the Bogartenlücke pass:

There were interesting views in all directions:

And then we went along the Maarwees ridge:

Before ending up at Meglisalp for our last night:

All in all, a beautiful part of the world!