Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Day 10, Tue May 30th, Teignmouth to Otterton

Proper British weather today -- a little sun, some clouds, a shower... the only thing missing was a bit of wind ;-). We skipped a boring bit of the coast from Teignmouth (which is a gritty sort of place) to the river Exe, in favour of visiting Exeter Cathedral... which was a good decision. Nice place, Exeter -- has a solid and friendly feel to it, with many old buildings. And the cathedral is superb -- we took a tour, which lasted an hour but could have lasted eight, with a very knowledgeable and friendly guide.

Afterwards, a quick train ride down to Exmouth and then a walk along the coast to Budleigh Salterton, followed by a river walk inland to Otterton where we are spending the night. Not a particularly pretty part of the coast... flat walking above low red cliffs, with too many holiday camps and people (for my taste... and yes, I realize I've been saying that there aren't enough people on the coast :-). Only photo today is from Exeter cathedral... of their cathedra (hence cathedral), which is one of the tallest and most ornate in existence and dates, like much else in the cathedral, back to the 13th Century.

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